Granite has always been a valued material for the floor thanks to its unique color and hardness. These qualities also make it suitable for kitchen countertops as it can handle the abuse and remain looking great. Here are some tips on choosing the best granite for the countertops in your Howell area home.

Marble granite &versus quartz

Do not confuse marble granite and quartz. These three stones look similar. However, marble is porous and soft and quartz is not heat-resistant making them unsuitable for the kitchen.

Prices differ with the rarity of the stone

You will find the Amazon Green stone will be more expensive than the St. Cecelia. It all depends on whether the surfaces can be found with ease in many quarries around the world. The type of stone will also affect the fabrication cost.

Consider having an under-mount sink

This functional sink sits underneath the granite countertop. The sink makes it easy to wipe down any material on the countertop into the sink below. These kinds of sinks are also very stylish. You can choose from over four different styles of stainless steel.

Consider the edges

There are different kinds of edges depending on the style of your cabinets. The most common edges are pencil edges. However, this edge can hurt you if have a small kitchen or have small children. The rounded edges are great for the kitchen where there is little space between the countertop and other kitchen appliances or there are small children that might get injured.

Choose your colors

There is a wide range of colors from which to choose one. Where possible, visit our kitchen remodelers showroom in Howell to look at the sample slabs before making a purchase. The colors range from blue, turquoise to earth colors.

The quality of the granite tops is also affected by the quality of the workmanship. Ensure that you pick a reputable countertops installation company to handle your installation work. If you buy quality and have the countertop installed correctly, it can last you for ten years without any maintenance.

If you need help choosing the right kitchen countertops to make your kitchen shine, contact the kitchen remodeler team at Ward Stone Group today.