Have you ever walked into your kitchen, shaken your head and just walked out again — only to grab a cookie or ice cream because you were so disgusted at the lack of space or organization that you didn’t feel like cooking? Turns out, there is some science that shows that an updated kitchen really can help support your healthy eating lifestyle. If you’re struggling to find space on your aging countertops for a juicer, or finding it impossible to chop veggies it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful long-term.

Better Workflow

Tripping over others in your kitchen is not a great way to work, and older kitchens have a tendency to cause roadblocks in any number of locations. Need to have more than one person in the kitchen at a time? It’s a pretty good bet that if your kitchen is more than 10 to 15 years old, this is a problem. A kitchen remodeling project may be just what the doctor ordered to upgrade to a healthier lifestyle.

Bring On the Tech

Technology tools have a way of making our life easier, and that’s especially true in the kitchen. Today’s connected devices allow you to make cooking and meal planning a breeze, but only if you have the room you need to get organized. A connected fridge can even tell you when you’re out of carrot strips — saving you a late night trip to the grocery store to stock up!

Storage for Days

Having enough storage in your kitchen is critical, especially when you want to bolster your health through better eating habits. Coming home to a clean and well-organized kitchen gives you that added impetus to jump in and make something yummy and health-conscious, instead of getting depressed and hitting up the fast food restaurants again on the way home.

Creating a new kitchen doesn’t have to be all-consuming. You may be surprised at the difference changing a few simple items can make in the overall flow of work and efficiency of your kitchen. Happy (and healthy) eating!

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