Minimalism is all about using what you minimally can all the while optimizing your space. Using minimalism appropriate can absolutely maximize the functionality of your space. Including minimalist spaces in your home can help you to feel less disorganized, by allowing for your mind to feel clear of clutter and noise.

4 Tips to Create the Perfect Functional Minimalist Kitchen

1. Re-organize your space

Think through everything in your kitchen, including food, utensils, pots, pans, dishes, appliances, etc. Mentally begin to organize everything you plan on keeping into useful categories. Determine how you are going to house these categories in your kitchen. Where are you going to place your pans? Boxed food? The simple cooking utensils? Decide the home for these kitchen items.

2. Cleverly use false panels, drawers, and cabinets

Use false panels to hide kitchen appliances or objects that you plan on keeping. You can use a false panel, for instance, to conceal a microwave or even a fridge.

Use your categories from tip one to organize your space. For each categorization, try and determine the best way to store items that fall in the category. For instance, would you be optimizing your cabinet and cupboard space by stacking your pots and pans or hanging them on hooks?

3. Utilize a pull-out cabinet as a location for a trash bin

The trash bin can be rather unsightly. Your kitchen will look a lot sleeker if you found a way to conceal your trash. It can really open up the room. Removing the trash bin out of sight can help let your eyes focus on the design of your kitchen.

4. Get rid of anything that seems excessive

Any appliances you hardly use should be kept in harder to reach places or should be gotten rid of entirely. Remove any unnecessary or excessive objects from your counter tops.

Along with these tips, remodeling your kitchen to fit a more minimalistic style can offer a clean and crisp look. Contact Ward Stone Group today for kitchen design ideas, granite countertops and much more!