It can be quite exciting to conduct a full kitchen remodel, or even to do a partial remodel by refacing cabinetry, perhaps adding a new floor, and upgrading your countertops. A question many people have is how to match their countertops to their cabinetry so the kitchen looks nice without incorporating styles which don’t match.

Color Palette

The most basic aspect of a countertop is whether the color matches the rest of the kitchen. Because neutral colors are always in style and generally go together well, using such colors can make the decision easier. In addition to color, hue is a consideration. Typically, light colored countertops compliment dark colored cabinetry and vice versa. The floor should generally match the countertops as well, it can look a bit “off” if countertops are sheer white and the floor is off-white, or if the floor is brown and the countertops black.


Countertop materials are another consideration. Natural stone and quartz composite countertops are known to be great looking and to perform without ever being damaged or needing replacement, but they may not always be the best choice. Wood butcher block counters also look nice, and can often be incorporated as a small section of the counter within a system of other materials. Today’s laminates are much better than what was used in the 60’s and can provide more options for color and patterns than other countertop materials.


Ultimately, the decision is up to you, the homeowner. If the cabinetry and countertops you like don’t follow current trends or follow traditional wisdom about how they should match, you can build your kitchen the way you want. Of course, if you plan to sell the house you may want to consider how countertop materials may affect the value but in the meantime, it’s your kitchen and you should enjoy the time you spend there.

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