After a busy day, the last thing you want to do is grocery shop. Between out of stock items and long lines, it can be frustrating to anyone. Then, as you’re putting away your items, you realize you forgot butter because you forgot to write it down. Instead of making a second trip to the grocery store, there’s an easier way to remove the hassle and get your items.

First, there was grocery shopping online. With just a few clicks of a button, you can have fresh groceries at your door step – but now, it gets even better. There’s now a device that can shop for you, tracking which items need to be refilled. The Amazon Dash Replenishment program lets device makers enable their connected devices to automatically order your food items when the supplies are low.

Amazon’s Dash Replenishment program builds upon on their Dash buttons, which are branded, one-touch ordering services for a specific shopping item. The original Dash buttons are programmed either through the app or website. Now, Dash Replenishment is designed to take automation one step further by having devices monitor their own items and have them arrive at your home just in time for a refill. Amazon has partnered with a handful of companies to make grocery shopping easier.

One device that is making headlines is GeniCan. The days of writing down a grocery list will soon be erased as well as the worries of forgetting certain grocery items with this product. This device is installed directly to the user’s garbage can or recycling bin that allows anyone in the home to add items to the household shopping list via a barcode scan or voice recognition. The discarded items will be reordered and delivered automatically to your home.

Even more brands are beginning to adapt to Amazon’s new program to help make consumers lives easier. For example, WePlenish Java will store coffee capsules, learn the customer’s coffee consumption patterns, and will automatically reorder coffee when the supply is low with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment program.

The thought process behind this service is to remove the stress of keeping household items stocked, making it easier for consumers to reorder items. It can be easy to forget essential groceries such as milk and eggs. Now, you can experience the conventionality of automatic reordering with Dash Replenishment and make your kitchen a smart kitchen.