Welcome back to the Ward Stone Group Kitchen & Bath blog! In our last blog post, we began talking about key design elements for remodeling your kitchen. We talked about the importance of your kitchen’s backsplash, flooring, cabinet hardware, and countertops. To learn how these aspects of your kitchen affect your overall design, read our last post. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about creating a design that you love with the main elements of your kitchen.

It’s Time to Create a Kitchen You Love

Designing your dream kitchen is about all the different parts of the whole that all contribute to the overall look and feel of your space. As you decide on the look of your kitchen remember the purpose of your specific kitchen: do you need  of prep space, a means for entertaining guests, or do you need more storage? Consider all these questions as you being to design your new kitchen.

Paint Color

The paint color that you choose for your kitchen will make a big difference in the overall feel of your space. Essentially, your paint color will set the mood, so it’s incredibly important that you choose a color that fits the overall design that you are looking for. Want a timeless design? A neutral color palette can help you create a light, airy look that will always be in. Many choose neutral colors for their kitchen because these types of kitchens tend to have the highest resale value. However, don’t be afraid to try something bolder. Warm bold colors can create a statement that you will love for years to come.


Lighting is everything! The same is true for your kitchen. A light fixture can not only be a key focal point in the design of your kitchen, but the amount of light you have in your kitchen can contribute to how you enjoy your space. Increasing the amount of light in your kitchen can open your kitchen up, making your kitchen seem bigger. Consider using your windows and light fixtures to create the perfect amount of lighting in your kitchen. We suggest overhead lighting for best diffusing the light in your kitchen.


The seating that you choose for your kitchen is also a key element of your space’s overall design. The type of seating, as well as style, can make a big impact. When choosing seating you must not only think about your everyday needs, but also about those times when you are entertaining as well. As homeowners are updating and remodeling their kitchen they are not only considering utility, but they are also thinking about the look of their kitchen, making it a statement piece of their home.  

Are You Ready For a Change?

Are you ready to update your kitchen? No matter if you have no idea where to start when designing your space or you have a design mapped out, our design and installation team at Ward Stone Group Kitchen & Bath can help you make your dream a reality. To learn more about the possibilities for your kitchen, visit our website and stop by one of our showrooms in Howell, Oxford, and Okemos to talk to our kitchen remodelers!