Welcome back to the Ward Stone Group Kitchen & Bath! It’s that time of year in Howell when our kids can hardly contain their excitement for each holiday and the adults are hanging on for dear life, hoping they can get through the holiday season without losing their minds. One way to spend less time pulling your hair out and more time making memories is to organize your kitchen. A completely reorganized kitchen could be needed. However, we suggest focusing on these four means for organization during the holidays.

Organize Your Refrigerator

It’s easy to keep shoving more and more into our fridges and save cleaning it out for another day. However, we suggest making “another day” today, or at least before the holidays are here to stay. It’s time to clean your refrigerator, clearing it of crumbs and that dried liquid that more looks like it should be in a SciFi movie than your living space. It is also time to get rid of condiments older than your children and other foods that are well past their prime.

Invest in Effective Means for Safety

Whether your grandkids or granddogs will be visiting, it’s important for their protection and your sanity that you invest in effective safety precautions. Get cleaners and other toxic chemicals out of reach, cover your outlets, and consider installing child gates. You will also want to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and that you have a functional fire extinguisher.

Stock Your Kitchen

Is family coming to stay? It may be time to stock up on snack foods and other eats and treats to keep little and big tummies satisfied all holiday season long. Having these snacks around can also help you when you stay energized and nourished when you simply don’t have time to eat a full meal. Do your family members have allergies or other needs? Be sure to think of them, too!

Consider a Cooking Schedule

Establishing a cooking schedule can take the stress off of you and better utilize volunteers who want to help. When you make a schedule, include when you need to chop vegetables, when you should start baking the casserole, and other tasks that you need to do to make your holiday feast happen. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, and a little organization can help you stay organized and sane.

Need a Change?

Are you getting your kitchen ready for the holidays and feel like it’s time to upgrade? A kitchen remodel can be a significant investment in the value of your home and, in most cases, provides an over 100-percent return on investment. Talk to one of the kitchen remodelers at Ward Stone Group Kitchen & Bath to find out the possibilities for your space. We can take your project from inception to completion. Visit our website or one of our showrooms in Howell, Oxford, or Okemos to learn more about how we can help you.