Hello and welcome to the Ward Stone Group blog! We are excited that you are here. Our bathroom and kitchen remodelers can’t wait to help you create a space that you will not only love, but add to your home’s value. Today, on our blog, we are talking about the seven key design elements that you should always consider when you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen. When you are planning your new kitchen, it can sometimes be overwhelming to consider what you want to change, or maybe you know exactly what you’re ready to say goodbye to. Either way, it can be helpful to break your kitchen down into these few key elements to achieve the look that you want for your space.


Your backsplash is an easy way to make a statement and to give your kitchen the facelift that it needs. If you’ve remodeled your kitchen in the past, you may have experienced frustration in finding a backsplash style that you liked. Today, you can wave goodbye to outdated tile and all those other has-beens and say hello to hundreds of style options, including updated tile, waterproof wallpaper, and hardwood engineered to withstand the use of a backsplash. With all the style options available, you really can think outside the box and have a backsplash that you will love.


Like your kitchen’s backsplash, you have many design and material options for your new kitchen floor. With this in mind, your flooring doesn’t have to just be what covers your floor. It can make a statement and contribute to the overall look of your space. Some new materials to consider as you are thinking of the changes you want to make to your flooring include cork, heated panels, peel-and-stick vinyl tiles, and more.

Cabinet Hardware

There are many places that can contribute to the overall style of your kitchen that are both functional and stylish; one of those elements is your cabinet hardware. Your kitchen hardware, though small in comparison to the rest of your kitchen, can really make a big difference. In some cases, simply changing out your hardware instead of replacing your cabinets can be enough to transform your space.


Of all of the elements of your kitchen, the one that you are probably the most excited to upgrade is your countertops. You may be happy to finally get that marble countertop that you’ve always wanted. However, there are other options that can prove to be beautiful, stylish additions as well. Marble-like quartz can be a perfect choice for those who love the look and feel of marble, but need a more durable surface. When considering your new countertop, it’s important to not only consider the look you want, but how much you will use it as you go about your daily life.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post to learn more about the design elements that are important to consider when you are looking to upgrade your kitchen. If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, call our kitchen remodelers. We can not only help you figure out the design elements that will fit your aesthetic, but can also make it a reality with our professional installers and contractors. Come down to our showroom in Howell to see your options and talk to one of our designers.