Welcome back to the Ward Stone Group Kitchen & Bath blog! If you are looking to update your kitchen, you’re in the right place. Our kitchen remodelers offer tips and tricks to creating beautiful and functional spaces. Keep reading to learn about this year’s kitchen remodeling trends that you will love for years to come and visit our website to get started on your dream kitchen.

Why Embrace the Latest Trends?

Before we get started, we should address the proverbial elephant in the room: why should we embrace current trends if they are just going to change? Unlike clothing trends which come and go every season, many kitchen design trends stick around for a few years or even significantly longer. Incorporating trends into your new kitchen layout can not only create a beautiful statement kitchen that you will love, but will increase the resale value of your home.   

White, Gray, and Blue

White, gray, and blue cabinets are on trend and are also timeless. White is the most versatile, allowing for a variety of colors and styles to be incorporated into the design of your kitchen. However, gray of a variety of shades is almost as equally as versatile and has been a much-loved color for years. Blue can also create a beautiful aesthetic that can elicit a vintage style as well as a modern one.   

Rift Cut Oak & Walnut Wood

Rift cut oak or walnut can make a statement and fit a variety of styles. It provides a natural feel while also being sleek and modern. Not sure you want your entire kitchen to feature natural wood? You can also incorporate white cabinets into your design. We suggest installing rift cut oak or walnut wood cabinets on the bottom and white cabinets above your countertops.

Inset & Frameless

Panel and partial-overlay cabinets are out, and inset, frameless are in. Inset and frameless cabinets are sleek and are minimal in design because they completely cover the cabinet box. Because of their streamlined design, inset and frameless cabinets allow a variety of hardware designs to be incorporated. They can also help your kitchen feel less busy and more tranquil!





The Shakers knew what they were doing when they created their signature style. These simple, entirely functional cabinets are unembellished, elegant, and create a timeless look. These cabinets work best in Craftsman-style bungalow and mid-century tract homes. However, they can be a beautiful addition to a variety of homes.   

Glass Cabinets

If you have seen Pinterest kitchen design boards pinned with pictures of glass cabinets and wondered how long this style would stay on trend, then we are here to tell you that it isn’t going away any time soon. Glass-front cabinets give you the opportunity to show off your dishes and other cooking elements in an artful way.

Ready to Make a Change?

Are you ready to make a change to your kitchen? Our kitchen remodelers would love to help you design and install your new kitchen. To learn more about the possibilities for your home, visit the Ward Stone Group Kitchen & Bath website and stop by one of our showrooms in Oxford, Howell, and Okemos. Your dream kitchen is just a click away!