The most important thing in kitchens is storage. Cooks make storage when they don’t have much money, or they love do it yourself projects. Cooks with ceiling beams hang pots and pans from them. Homeowners with wall space arrange their large utensils, potholders and gelatin molds on them. Here are some quick and easy DIY projects for the kitchen we thought you’d appreciate.



  • Don’t have beams on the kitchen ceiling? No worries. Buy a shower tension rod and some S hooks. Place the rod between the cabinets bordering the kitchen window or other cabinets. Place the S hooks on the rod, and hang your pots from them.
  • Having trouble finding the spice or herb you need? Between the cabinets, mount a shelf or two. Place spices and herbs in glass jelly jars for bulk product or in their original canisters.
  • Measure the length from ceiling to about waist height. Buy two lengths of rope that length. Now find a piece of wood that appeals to you and drill holes in the wood for the rope to go through. Tie the rope in sturdy knots. Hang from the ceiling, and you have a nifty storage shelf.
  • Wire closet organizing shelves in kitchen cabinets keep plates organized, cans and boxes of foods organized, and pot lids separate and easy to reach.
  • Curtain tension rods make excellent dividers for trays and cutting boards. Mount them in cabinets so they store pot lids.
  • Got an old dresser or other furniture in the basement? Remove a panel from part of the furniture. Screw in hooks. Mount to the kitchen wall and hang your coffee mugs there.

Whether kitchen is in an apartment, single-family home or condo, there are ways to make the most of your space with these simple DIY projects. Use these ideas to your advantage, and fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Although making the most of a small kitchen is nice, sometimes the kitchen just needs a new and fresh look. If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, give it fresh look or maybe add some granite countertops, contact the team at Ward Stone Group today!