Remodeling your home can be tough and knowing what upgrades are going to offer the best return is just the start. When remodeling your kitchen you must keep a number of factors in mind and must know what upgrades to embrace and avoid in order to make back the most money. These three upgrades and remodels can help you make the most from your home.

  1. Counters and Cabinets– the first and most beneficial remodel is of course your counters and cabinets. Buyers love granite countertops because they are beautiful, durable, easy to take care of, and sanitary. Upgrading your counter tops is one way to give your kitchen an entirely new look and get your money back if you decide to sell. Your cabinets can also make a huge difference. Buyers love large cabinets and a good number of cabinets so keep this in mind. When working on a counter or cabinet job, the first step is removal of old cabinets. If you can salvage some parts you should as this can save you time and money. When selecting your new counters and cabinets, think about what color is going to be the most universal and what color is going to appeal to the largest range of people.
  2. Flooring– the next item that can help you to make back your money is your flooring. Tile and hardwood are both great options for kitchens because they are beautiful, easy to clean, and can be tailored to fit just about any décor and color scheme. When installing flooring you need to first take up existing flooring and seal your subfloor to keep it dry and in great shape. You can either opt for flooring that you install on your own by way of snap together hardwood or tile that you can install on your own or you can find a professional company. Upgrade your flooring to help update the look of your kitchen and really make a difference when it comes to overall value.
  3. Appliances- the last upgrade that is going to make you back a great deal upon resale is your appliances. Stoves, refrigerators, sinks, microwaves, and specialty items can help make your home worth more, can make your kitchen look and feel brand new, and can help boost the overall value of your kitchen remodel. Who doesn’t love a great gas range, a double fridge always looks nice, and deep sinks are a plus for any home cook. Appliances are a much easier remodel. In most cases, you just need to remove the old and plug in the new. In some cases however you can also build new cabinetry around things like the fridge and microwave to make your space look even more elegant than ever before.

These upgrades are all going to help you get the most out of your kitchen remodel and can help you to have a remodel that is not only going to be wonderful while you live in the home, but that can also help you get your money back when you decide to sell your home. If you’re looking for the most custom kitchen remodeling company, contact Ward Stone Group today!