Countertop material choices have really expanded over the past several years. No longer are you stuck with laminate or tile — now you can choose from several stones and composite varieties as well. Granite has been the hot material for several years and shows no signs of slowing down. This gorgeous, glossy stone is a kitchen workhorse that won’t let you down.

Easy Cleaning

Granite is smooth, and when sealed properly, highly resistant to staining. You do need to clean the spilled food or liquid up quickly, but even if you delay, you can still remove pretty much any stain that manages to cling to the granite. The smooth surface also makes it very easy to clean as all you need is a mild cleanser and some water. There are no grout lines to catch debris, and you can wipe crumbs into the sink with one sweep.

Withstanding Wear and Tear

Need somewhere to place a hot pan? Granite will do. While placing a hot pan on a heat-resistant trivet is always better, you can place the pan on the granite counter without causing damage. Granite also resists a lot of impacts that would chip laminate; very heavy impacts, like bringing a cleaver down with force, could harm the countertop, but lesser impacts won’t really do anything.


Granite is not going anywhere. This is a stone that, short of erosion over thousands of years, only changes shape if you purposefully sculpt it. Mild cleaning and periodic resealing are the only real maintenance jobs you need to do to keep it in good shape. As long as you do those and protect the counter from those really heavy impacts, you have a countertop for life.

Try visiting a showroom to see the many patterns and colors of granite that are available. This durable material is a real blessing in a busy kitchen.


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