The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we spend most of our time, from our morning coffee to cooking our family meals. It should be both comfortable and functional, while still making a style statement. Make sure yours stands out in with these top three kitchen trends for 2017:

1. Go Bold

Bold colors are not the only way to add a splash of creativity or individuality to your home. For the kitchen, try sprucing up the accents to create a new look or add some dimension to the space. Give your kitchen a facelift with new oversized light fixtures. Or, trade in your basic white or stainless steel sink for a unique hue that adds wow-factor. Accessorizing with different colors and hues can really add personality to your kitchen, and make it that much more inviting.

2. Be Functional

When it comes to the kitchen, the future is here. Technology and automation have made it even easier to navigate throughout your kitchen. Try adding the following for increased ease-of-use and enhanced functionality:

• Sensor-activated lights

• Bluetooth meat thermometers

• Hands-free faucet

• Integrated Bluetooth speakers

• Pop-up electrical sockets

• Bluetooth appliances

For an even more drastic change, check out the innovations manufacturers have made for cabinet doors and drawers. Some brands now offer doors that fold up, keeping them out of your way, with just the touch of a button.

3. Store More

Innovations are pushing to help make smaller spaces more functional, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Space is limited in apartments, condos, townhomes and smaller single family units, and making the most of every inch available is crucial. Intelligent storage solutions are now a must. Renovate your space with deep drawers, and double up on storage with new multi-tiered drawers. These new kitchen storage solutions are ideal for hiding unsightly smaller appliances as well, leaving more open counter space.

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