Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2019

The kitchen is no longer a background room where family members get necessary works done. Now the kitchen has become a central meeting place to start or end the day. The social side of cooking has grown so too has the role of the kitchen.

We are three months into 2019, and the trends in kitchen design have become clear. Some creative styles come and go with a year ending, but other trends will persist for several years. 

Check out the following trends for your remodeling project or your interest.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2019

Seating All Around

Several years ago, the breakfast nook came into the kitchen and added a relaxed element to cooking. Building on this theme, 2019 has brought bench seating to the kitchen. Whether built-in or freestanding, bench seating can shape your kitchen into a lounge. Complete meals or coffee breaks with some game time on your comfortable benches.

Seamless Integration: Shelving and Appliances 

Homeowners have been opting more and more often for their kitchens to be functional. When kitchens have concealed cabinets or shelving spaces, the room works together without jarring breaks in the flow. When designers plan for appliances, there can be a dedicated space for them to fit smoothly and efficiently into the room.

An integrated look can help with cleaning as you won’t have rough edges to avoid. Also, when shelving and appliances are flush, young children won’t be as likely to hurt themselves with appliances that are dangerous for them.

Wood & Leather in the Kitchen

People have tapped into nature in 2019. Wood can provide a connection to the environment that many folks feel lacking in their home. Bring this element into your kitchen has a calming, refreshing effect. The natural elements can be part of the overall design or smaller accents. Handles are a great place to add wood or leather touches to give your kitchen a natural feeling.

The choice in style, convenience, and amenities will always be up to you. Noting design trends can spark ideas for you to reimagine your kitchen. An innovation that seems to have caught the interest of several other homeowners may work for you.

Want more ideas to help your kitchen compliment your personality? Contact the design experts at Ward Stone Group to collaboratively plan your new kitchen. 

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