What Are The Most Popular Kitchen Colors?

Everyone loves the kitchen, from cooking to entertaining, it's the spot in the home that brings people together. However, sometimes a kitchen needs a little update, such as a new paint color to give the space a whole new feel. A fresh coat of paint can spruce up any kitchen and add a more inviting feel. Looking for inspiration for a beautiful kitchen color? Here is a sampling of highly praised kitchen hues. Classics blues, greens, and off-whites are today’s top picks. 


The perfect choice to complement grey-blues and off-whites, greige (grey-beige) is taking home design by storm. “If greige isn't already your favorite neutral," says Better Homes and Gardens, "It should be.”

Example: Perfect Greige, by Sherwin-Williams.

Ocean Blue

Create a breezy yet meditative setting. Ocean shades calm the soul, and lighten the look created by dark brown woods or slate floors. 

Example: Quietude, by Sherwin-Williams.


Delight in a cool, retro beauty that’s very much in vogue today, whether on walls or accents such as an island or cabinets.

Examples: Healing Aloe from Benjamin Moore, or Mint Condition from Sherwin-Williams.

Muted Blue

Understated blue tones are gorgeous with any kitchen design. They're inherently appealing to the human eye. Lovely with hardwoods, they handsomely offset whites.

Example: Ascot Blue, by Glidden.

Dusk Rose

If just one hue could grace the entire home, this might well be it. Never was a neutral shade warmer or more inviting. 

Example: Dusty Rosewood, by Behr.

Pale Yellow

What’s lovelier than chatting with friends over a cup of coffee in a summery yellow kitchen? Be surrounded with warmth. Brighten neutral countertops and cabinet work. 

Example: Pale Daffodil from Behr. For a sandier tone, try Convivial Yellow from Sherwin-Williams.


Taupe is the most elegant of canvasses for eye-catching accents. With white trim, it sets a neutral stage. A perfect way to blend the kitchen plan with the dining area, sitting room, and hallways. Timeless and elegant, not overwhelmingly bright, it works for cabinetry too.

Examples: Northern Cliffs or Indian River, mixed to order by Benjamin Moore.

And of course...


Lacquered cabinets are a popular touch today, and an off-white offers the nuanced look to bring a zen-like beauty to them. 

Example: China White by Benjamin Moore.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not give it an update with a fresh hue, new cabinets or granite countertops? For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact WSG Kitchen & Bath today. 

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